Famous People List of Most Valuable Autographs

My famous people list and famous autographs are examples of the top 100 most valuable autographs are from notable people in history, celebrity, and sports.

Some of the autograph prices on this list have double or tripled in recent years due to increased demand and scarcity for signatures of famous people in the autograph collecting market.

Many investors are turning to collecting autographs as a way of diversifying their investment portfolios. 

These signatures of famous people are the MVP's or "blue chips" of autograph collecting!

Scroll through the list, and see if there are some names that might surprise you. These are not just rich and famous people in history signatures, but also the infamous in some cases.


abba autograph

Muhammad Ali

muhammad ali autograph

Apollo 11

Neil Armstrong

neil armstrong signature

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

fred astaire autograph
ginger rogers autograph

The Beach Boys

the beach boys signatures

The Beatles

the beatles autographs

Marc Bolan

marc bolan autogaph

Marlon Brando

marlon brando autograph

James Cagney

james cagney autograph

Maria Callas

The Carpenters

the carpenters autograph

Enrico Caruso

enrico caruso autograph

Cast of Casablanca movie

Fidel Castro

fidel castro autograph

Marc Chagall

marc chagall autograph

Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin autograph

Winston Churchill

winston churchill autograph

Eric Clapton

eric clapton autograph

Jim Clark

jim clark autograph

Dad's Army

Salvador Dali

salvador dali autograph

Robert DeNiro

robert deniro autograph

James Dean

james dean autograph

Johnny Depp

johnny depp autograph

Charles Dickens

charles dickens autograph

Walt Disney

walt disney autograph

Bob Dylan

bob dylan autograph

Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood autograph

Edward & Wallis

Albert Einstein

albert einstein autograph

England 1966 World Cup Soccer Team

Fleetwood Mac

Errol Flynn

errol flynn autograph

Yuri Gagarin

yuri gagarin

Judy Garland

judy garland autograph

Marvin Gaye

marvin gaye autograph

W.G. Grace

wg grace autograph

Cary Grant

cary grant autograph

Hanna - Barbera

George Harrison

george harrison autograph

Jimi Hendrix

jimi hendrix signature

Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn autograph

Katharine Hepburn

katharine hepburn autograph

Alfred Hitchcock

alfred hitchcock autograph

Adolf Hitler

Buddy Holly

buddy holly autograph

Harry Houdini

harry houdini autograph

Janis Joplin

janis joplin autograph

Grace Kelly

grace kelly autograph

Jacqueline Kenndy

jacqueline kennedy autograph

John F. Kennedy

john f kennedy signature

Laurel & Hardy

laurel and hardy autograph

Martin Luther King Jr

martin luther king jr autograph

Bruce Lee

bruce lee autograph

Vivien Leigh

vivien leigh autograph

John Lennon

john lennon autograph

Bela Lugosi

bela lugosi autograph


madonna autograph

Bob Marley

bob marley autograph


Paul McCartney

paul mccartney autograph

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe autograph

Monty Python

NASA Moon Walkers

Jim Morrison

jim morrison autograph

Mother Teresa

mother teresa autograph


napoleon bonaparte autograph

Horatio Nelson

horatio nelson autograph

Paul Newman

paul newman autograph

Al Pacino

al pacino autograph


pele autograph

River Phoenix

river phoenix autograph

Pablo Picasso

pablo picasso autograph

Elvis Presley

elvis presley autograph

Princess Diana

princess diana autograph


Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Mother

Queen Victoria

Rolling Stones

J.K. Rowling

jk rowling autograph

Charles Schultz

charles schultz autograph

Michael Schumacher

michael schumacher autograph

Ayrton Senna

ayrton senna autograph

Sex Pistols

Ernest Shackleton

ernest shackleton autograph

Sherlock Holmes actors Rathbone & Bruce

Frank Sinatra

frank sinatra autograph

Star Trek

Star Wars

Ringo Starr

ringo starr autograph

Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth taylor autograph

Andy Warhol

andy warhol autograph

John Wayne

john wayne autograph

The Who

Oscar Wilde

oscar wilde autograph

Robbie Williams

robbie williams autograph

Tiger Woods

tiger woods cut signature

Derived from the Frasers 100 index

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